About: LV

“I’m all soils west when the Earth lets go. I’m a thousand Julys.”

—-Mark Z Danielewski


Location: Sverige/Sweden.


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  • Prop Joe says:

    Dear Lucie,

    I am writing to you here since my student gmail account is no longer active, and I don’t have your e-mail address written down. Please write me to iamcalla@gmail.com from now on.

    It was super exciting to hear that you are teaching French to children. In my head I envision many young blond chicklets attentively listening to the soft words and beauty, and it all make a lot of sense to me. Is it as fun as I imagine it? Children are a though crowd to please but once you master the craft of harnessing their attention, it is much more rewarding then to achieve the same with grown people. Maybe it is because children are not bound by anything else than honesty. For better or for worse.

    Have you been noticing the early appearance of spring this year? Is it visible in the cold north as well? To be honest the winter never really showed up this year in this part of the world (which is, all and all not far from where you are at). I am rejoicing in its absence for two reasons: first because I am in essence a sand-niger who’s not genetically designed for the northern European winter climate, and secondly because it would have been too much to tackle (alongside to looking for a job, meaning and a life).

    One very good thing did happen- I found the love of my life. She redefines my understanding of love, friendship and passion on a daily basis, and when I am with her my I feel like I can smell her with my entire body. Her name is Ricarda, and she is German, And one of the first things I realised is how much you two will get along. Very very much. But this I will tell you when we Skype. Will we ever Skype dear Lucie?

    I started meditating again lately. It is a great addition to life. And I am trying to run as well, but for now I am not so successful with doing it as much as I want to (which is not a lot..).

    I miss you a Ted a lot. It has been truly too long. Please let’s skype.

    Love, Aviv.

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