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one of my favourite bookshop
kids came in just now
bookaholic also
sequined silver backpack
and red tights
one of my real heroes

Nina Ramsby, TvÄ Tungor

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Bodil Malmsten:

February 10, 2016 § Leave a comment

Nothing must happen to you
No what am I saying
Everything must happen to you
And it must be wonderful

POETRY by Frank O’Hara

February 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

The only way to be quiet
is to be quick, so I scare
you clumsily, or surprise
you with a stab. A praying
mantis knows time more
intimately than I and is
more casual. Crickets use
time for accompaniment to
innocent fidgeting. A zebra
races counterclockwise.
All this I desire. To
deepen you by my quickness
and delight as if you
were logical and proven,
but still be quiet as if
I were used to you; as if
you would never leave me
and were the inexorable
product of my time.

Memorial Poem by Patti Smith

February 5, 2016 § Leave a comment

As there is strength
in blackness
a deep control
a calla flare
grace corporeal
there is a steady hand
adjusting child lace
and bravery’s face
in veil inviolate
there is a steady hand
adept in heavens skin
spending into black
where pure hearts
are kin.

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