January 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

You said something lovely about the inglorious human aspects, the physical&mental, to which we are subject. I wish that I could recall it verbatim, what you said, because I thought then that the words you had chosen were particularly good. remember inglorious.
I am wind up toy two plastic legs,
tip one side other side forward
zig-zag an equilibrium, tick.
One foot is food and the other foot is sleep.
It is annoying that instead of growling, my stomach,
I just tip far, off balance or actually, tip too near & too fast.
Annoying that instead of meeting sleep with heavy heart,
I wire out.
It dulls me a little, buzzing eyes, when someone occasionally talks too long on a subject that doesn’t serve being turned over. how your boyfriend is jealous of your friends.
Also, I do not want to be involved in your project.

How sticky blood is.
In my pocket my fingers are dripping.
Jacob said he is pleasantly surprised at what he finds.


Still space though, for the graceful performance
a small fix.
Asks the guy inside the plastic box the metro station for a bandaid, and the kind man calls upstairs and goes, and brings me back 2, with an antibacterial wipe.
put one in my pocket and the other cub applies in the lift.


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