20.1.2015, tired.

January 21, 2015 § Leave a comment

she ought to be drawn,
hands & head,
I think I make her awkward with that but, perhaps also pleased.
Catch in her voice when she says
-she told me you’re going for coffee
and I don’t say, but
don’t worry, I look forward to seeing you every Tuesday, that is separate.

Today I missed my station & again going back, 3 trains to repair my 2.
Thought I’d be late & if to call ahead & if they’d answer it.

On the stairs at 4, passing, started, stopped, said hello, and shook my hand.
ended my loose thought from the afternoon and I am pleased too.
‘What’s your name?’
‘Pleased to meet you.’
from Malta. Pale like me but probably olive-skinned. sat next to me earlier, in class.
I had sworn carelessly ‘universally fucked’ and it was noticed more than I had counted for.

Today again they mock Bethencourt, after the event,
Laughing this time.
he said of his own -I am losing my place
Mentions antiquarians & follows that with
-but also football, not just reading always
& I smile & I worry I distracted him earlier.
says also that
speed reading should be taught in schools.

Fleet Street this morning you are my favourite.
hard high sky blurred with cloud.
I sit outside the wrong room, later, join my own, late.


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