January 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

The swift upbeat of the lecturer sickens me
“Now I guess I’ll get it out the way”
acknowledgement is too long a word, it’s a nod
to the puritans having took the lands of the native americans
— that nod given for swift reason for the inconvenient uneasiness of conscience in those same puritans, re: The City On The Hill, re: the colonies.
They get second quick lip service, the NA, as she examines a painting
by an artist, name? she checks
a representation of Manifest Destiny with Lady Luck swooping full-centre in white
(“we do not know who this lady is,” lecturer cuts inane)
anyway she points out first the puritans as they move toward the West, points out the genocide of the native americans, moves on.
I realise my pedantry, my getting stuck, the bile of it,
but I hate her brevity and her accent I am becoming intolerant of. I shouldn’t think it. nazi. Hitler, she’s so fucking excited.
The day starts poorly, and there’s a little silver cross about her neck. Says too much -beautiful, and every professor -the great and esteemed. Lady sure has admiration for academia.
I have less today. Weary of the young faces of students. yeah maybe I’m tired.
I consider at some point the banal and how you have made me consider it more closely, for beauty.
Next, a seminar in which we listen circular to the cropped life of an artist & do not look enough at his work.
Bomberg, died in obscurity and poverty.
Seminar curtailed, too, and back for a meeting that is held by jim, sitting on a desk. Electing Your Major.
His is a curl of a voice, not a purr, audible lizard in release. Kind of lazy and I ask a lazy question, triggering sniggers involuntarily. sorry.
“Are we going to receive an electronic request for the submission of our major then or do we just send you, randomly, an email,”
They’re disorganised, anyway. They “hope” and “would like” / “ideally”.


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