January 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

Said the young man, waving around,
“I’m just trying to figure out what to do”
and I:
“wait until you have a desire, act on that”
to which he replied,
It’s all a lie,
I have none.
He pointing at my neighbour, enquired hers
and she had none yet.
Mine too,
whereupon I let tip from my mouth
poetry, as I’d thought the same, this morning, traveling to work. For what it’s worth —

Do I love? asked Henry of himself.

Another young man, walking, Westminster, says he does not believe in anything
(and yet, my friend, unwitting, shames me in his stark acknowledgement of good from evil)
and I
pronounced love perhaps worth forging a belief in, not knowing either.
My friend he said that he did believe in love, and we attempted no definition.
Together we had studied metaphysics that last term,
a killing.

Englishmen quickly announce their ignorance, where Frenchmen are ashamed.
The one who told me seemed, of the French proud, for that.


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