alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine

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Manu Chao – La Primavera

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SLRThe Stockholm Review of Literature

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Dominique Francon

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She shuddered suddenly, and then she laughed. She laughed simply, completely; he saw the pale foam of the dress trembling; she stood straight, her head thrown back, like a string shaking with the vibrations of a blinding insult to him; an insult, because her laughter was not bitter or mocking, but quite simply gay.


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“I’ve not had much opportunity, or just haven’t been doing so, or able to? Don’t know. to think much about studying; to get excited. It exists like a room I’ve not been able yet to see into, where the excitement is. The anticipation. Finally I can hardly look forward and am stuck in this room, this present. I feel disinclined, since last night, to read even — to let my mind be in fiction.”

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