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“An argument of sorts on Friday night. On adoption. I: that more people should adopt, were they conscious, if they wish to have children (rather than reproducing in their own image). To take children from bad situations and in need of parents, lacking parents and in poverty, in areas with poor healthcare and few opportunities and poor education, and to give them better opportunities. This assuming the move were good and the adopting people good. Perhaps already too many assumptions. Regardless, I argued that and was met with the counter argument (and I probably do it injustice, misrepresent, unfaithfully reproduce): that you may not change the world, that always people have suffered and there been bad situations. (And so do nothing?)

I gave the first argument and felt still a small part of me that, were I to have children, would want my loved one and they in me also, reproduced. That mesh of blood. And added weakly that of course perhaps one’s own child is indeed easier to love.

The argument of course is personal. I feel indescribably grateful for my own adoption and so also eternally indebted.

Anyway, it was good to walk the streets talking and to speak of real things and so at least to be shocked a little from routine. Not shocked but jolted ever so slightly, even with topics familiar. To look again. To argue, to discuss real things. As a kid I used to beg my Dad please just to argue back with me. Because it seemed that no one would.

Isn’t challenge worth something? When people care enough to engage and challenge?”

(from an email)


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