July 5, 2014 § 1 Comment

Berner, of course, was a girl. But most of our lives we had treated each other as being the same thing because we were twins. That same thing was neither male nor female, but something in between that included us both.

from Canada by Richard Ford


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  • bravenewgirl says:

    This rings so true to me… Before I was born my mother had an ultra sound that showed signs that she was going to have twins, and that one was identified quite certainly to be a boy. Part-way through being pregnant with me, she had some heavy bleeding, and was worried for a miscarriage. Again, ultrasounds showed everything was fine… But when I was born, it was just me: a girl. I think it is true that sometimes beings are born that supersede gender… When I was younger I longed to be a boy, looked up to and admired mainly only men, and was always ‘one of the boys’ but at the same time completely comfortable in my body and identity as a girl – not one part of me wants to ‘change’ to a man from what I am, but I am beginning to understand tht part of me has that gender in my spirit. They say often that the gender of your spirit doesn’t always align with the gender of the body your spirit inhabits. And sometimes that spirit is not just one either 🙂

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