a project of inventions

May 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’m covering a lesson — English or Swedish, I forget which one — and they are working on a project of inventions. Each group of students has an idea for a product that they must market.

“Miss, what would your invention be?”

I pause.

“Does the invention have to be realistic? I mean, possible?” I ask. “Can it be fantastic?”

He pauses in turn, to consider. “Yes. I think so.”

“Let me think about it.”


I come back to him some time later during the same lesson when the student presumably has forgotten his question to me and is absorbed in his own group’s project.

“My invention would compress sleep. It would make it more compact, that more sleep fit into a much shorter space of time. So I could be awake longer and do more and learn more and think more and have more energy. More time.”

Another pause.


I think he thinks my idea is quite good, but I can’t really remember. Mostly I recall the seriousnessness, a quiet anxiety belied, with which I came to him.


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