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We went to the ballet last night, to the Opera to see Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin choreographed by John Cranko.

E-mail shortly after:

“Ballet this evening, beautiful, elegant, dated. Purer. Simple.”

“I watched and thought: this is false. Life is much more ugly.”

I watched and, admiring the elegance of the dancers in their precision and their costumes, wondered if I might move with greater grace, in future. Wondered why we did not wear such dresses, such colours. Wondered at the simplicity of it all — dated. False. Not life-like. I felt: a little cheated. That it was indeed beautiful, but an escapist lie. Decoration.

The thirds, divided, passed quickly. Each interval a shock, time vanished with the scene. I watched and, as a friend of mine when reading Beckett: let it wash over me.

I have not read Pushkin, not yet, and I did not understand at first. I did not understand indeed until this morning, waking from a dream, the story fallen into place.

“I wake today, from a nightmare, having understood now the story of the ballet. And I see it is true, and continues to be true. Pushkin: Onegin. Indeed, that it taps in to my very fear, or I do, my own — leaving the opera house, going home to bed and dream. Wake feeling betrayed, non-specific.”

“The lover [the romantic lover] is jealous, though that may be called now immature and old-fashioned. Specific.”

I would like to go to the ballet more often. This great art. I would that more people went, more often. Such accomplishment… Great art that may condense, swirl, complex, and take root in you — be born anew, something true, within you. Received.

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