Times New Roman

January 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

I think that font is quite important. The import of a font in terms of an audience’s reception is most obvious, but I would argue the influence of a selected font upon the writer, also.

I like Times New Roman. I like it, because it demands a certain consideration and grounding on my part. It demands I at least try to stick to the rules and reminds me that I am after all quite normal and not operating under different heavenly laws to everybody else. (This all in theory.) Times New Roman demands of me a certain strictness and precision, where I am wont to display an utter lack of discipline.

I’m rather grateful for that.

Times New Roman does not say: I am posh and fancy and moneyed/pretentious, as swirling italics might. It does not scream idiocy as that disgustingly round Comic Sans, nor the dated beatnik of Courier New (one font I have always rather liked, I avow).

Along similar lines: if you want to write something/do something seriously, do not sit there in your pyjamas. Some writers, the names of which I am now unable to drag up on Google, were in the practice of sitting down to write in a suit.
And clean your glasses, for goodness sake.


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