December 19, 2013 § 1 Comment

Entropy, he wrote about entropy.

Entropy is a thing that passed me by at school somehow — the meaning of it. I only learnt the law yesterday, when I asked, when it was explained to me beautifully and simply by my friend, Joe.


I like it

I like that all systems are moving toward chaos

that all closed systems will chaoticise, will become increasingly disordered

Somehow, that is the best poetry I read all year and also, the most reassuring thing.

I like

I like to think about disorder as a universal law

and to embrace, thus, the complexity of things

Once a girl sat under a tree, cross-legged, and she stayed very still for a very long time

Rumour goes she neither ate nor drank, but she survived

And she meditated upon the meaning of things

Quite exhausted by the hustle and bustle

The fear and the security precautions.

There is a voice in the back of the head and it insists upon money

It whispers: you need it

It hammers the horror of not having it

a state I have never known

And then, that building pressure of our social systems

The social ladders, to climb


We get a handhold and pull ourselves up and up and up

Anyway she was tired, and she retreated to sit under the tree.

A boy visited her to ask her what she had learnt

And she answered

That she had unlearnt

That her opposites were no longer opposite and weighed little at all, any more

Strong and weak

Right and wrong

Dark and light

She no longer understood;

She knew nothing.

She traveled and as she traveled each person that she met opened

Each one equally

She thought: perhaps everything is very simple

Perhaps we are all the same

And perhaps we are nothing, every one of us


Beneath the layers and layers of parents and teachers and friends and country and education and work

Will we strive for nirvana?

Detaching from everything, life felt very light indeed

and she wondered why she was there and the girl did not fit at all.

Would she relearn, learn to fit and work, to take a place?


Life is complex

We are disordered

Moving, toward chaos

What a relief

What a beautiful thing.


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