I’ve been thinking about Germany, this morning

December 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dear Aurélien,

Finally I write to you.

I’ve been thinking about Germany, this morning, and I thought to write to you and to ask your perspective, among other things.
( — it is snowing today, the first snowy day that I have experienced here so far — )
I don’t know if it is because I have been so very cooped up — I hardly go out (my fault) and we are living outside of the capital in Västerås, and I do not have a job yet and am trying, solo, to learn Swedish — I don’t know if it is because of these things and my view necessarily biased by these circumstances, but I conceive of Sweden as a place slightly outside of things. Not in the fray, I mean: not the artistic fray. Not where all the young artists are at, anyway. Not the great majority of them
They’re flocking, have flocked, to Berlin. Am I right? That’s where the concentration of activity is. The place is saturated — which could indeed be problematic. Which could result in one’s not producing very much work and hardly being able to hear above the chatter, the activity. And yet, by the same token, it could prove immensely stimulating, and allow great friendships and many long evenings of boozing and conversation and idea swilling. No?
I get the impression that in Berlin artists are tolerated. Indeed, that they might even be expected, and that’s a crucial thing. And though prices must no doubt be on the rise I am told that it is a reasonable city in which to exist, monetarily.
I’m told also that the place stinks to high heaven of “grim, modern art”. But that’s okay. Shouldn’t disallow a person from attempting to do a half-decent thing of his or her own, in amongst it all.
But you’re leaving. Heading off to S. America and farms and poetry. Will you tell me why?
One reason I might prefer to stay in Europe, for the time being, is that (other than in the UK and perhaps a few other places also, I don’t know) they don’t charge so damn much for education in these eurozone countries. The rates in the US are extortionate of course and Britain is hot on her heels.
Someday also I’d like to see Budapest and Vienna and Prague.
Yours in ignorance,

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