When half-gods …

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When half-gods go, The gods arrive.

from ‘Give All To Love’, Ralph Waldo Emerson


hand to mouth

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Kigo (季語 “season word”?) (plural kigo) is a word or phrase associated with a particular season, used in Japanese poetry. 

D. H. Lawrence

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One or the other

Is Iost, since we fall apart

Endlessly, in one motion depart

From each other.

White Nights

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No one here,
and the body says: whatever is said
is not to be said. But no one
is a body as well, and what the body says
is heard by no one
but you.

Snowfall and night. The repetition
of a murder
among the trees. The pen
moves across the earth: it no longer knows
what will happen, and the hand that holds it
has disappeared.

Nevertheless, it writes.
It writes: in the beginning,
among the trees, a body came walking
from the night. It writes:
the body’s whiteness
is the color of earth. It is earth,
and the earth writes: everything
is the color of silence.

I am no longer here. I have never said
what you say
I have said. And yet, the body is a place
where nothing dies. And each night,
from the silence of the trees, you know
that my voice
comes walking toward you.

Paul Auster

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