For now the time of gifts…

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For now the time of gifts is gone–
O boys that grow, O snows that melt,
O bathos that the years must fill–
Here is dull earth to build upon
Undecorated; we have reached
Twelfth Night or what you will … you will.

— from Twelfth Night by Louis MacNeice


“Stay the same, petite créature.”

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“La frugalité contient toutes les vertus”

— Ciceron

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Tailler La Zone

— Alain Souchon

Venez jusqu’au bord (Guillaume Apollinaire)

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Venez jusqu’au bord.

Nous ne pouvons pas, nous avons peur.

Venez jusqu’au bord.

Nous ne pouvons pas, nous allons tomber.

Venez jusqu’au bord.

Et ils y sont allés.

Et il les a poussés

Et ils se sont envolés.


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Agonism implies a deep respect and concern for the other; indeed, the Greek agon refers most directly to an athletic contest oriented not merely toward victory or defeat, but emphasizing the importance of the struggle itself—a struggle that cannot exist without the opponent. Victory through forfeit or default, or over an unworthy opponent, comes up short compared to a defeat at the hands of a worthy opponent—a defeat that still brings honor. An agonistic discourse will therefore be one marked not merely by conflict but, just as important, by mutual admiration

—Political theorist Samuel Chambers

Ultimate Reality, by D. H. Lawrence

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A young man said to me:
I am interested in the problem of Reality.

I said: Really!
Then I saw him turn to glance, surreptitiously,
in the big mirror, at his own fascinating shadow.

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